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Super fresh and a great portion for me. I love the BBQ Chicken with tons of sauce and a perfect ratio of cheese and everything else. Totally easy to make and way delicious!

Mathew H.

I've eaten burritos all over the world, but none of them can match the pure eating delight of Brrrito Dave's Burritos.  They are muy magnifico! Es verdad! --

Bob G

I've never had a good frozen burrito until I tried Brrrito Dave's. It's not the typical supermarket ones you're used to. Dave's is fresh, whole ingredients, ready in minutes and it's amazing. Plus, they deliver!

Laura A.

My wife and I ate the Chili Burrito which was fantastic! I had to heat it a bit longer because of my old old microwave. Looking forward to trying the BBQ Chicken next. 

I think you have a winner!

David S.