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About Burrito Dave's

At Brrrito Dave's we've been perfecting our frozen burritos for over 3 years and we have finally gotten the ideal taste along with the right way to package and prepare them so everyone can now have the most delicious frozen burritos in their freezer, ready to eat in just a few minutes.  

Brrrito Dave's doesn't mass produce our Brrritos. We make small batches using healthy & fresh ingredients, roll them by hand, and then freeze them. In fact, no two of our burritos are identical. Of course, we carefully measure our ingredients so you always get the same delicious flavors, but each one has its own distinctive flair!

If you keep our Brrritos in the freezer whether for a meal, a late night snack or after school snacks, with Brrrito Dave's you won't be disappointed.

Our Brrritos are large (approximately 14 oz each). While that might sound like a lot of deliciousness compared to the typical frozen store brand Brrritos, not to worry, our Brrritos are great for sharing or terrific for leftovers. 

Brrritos Dave's​ Offers Delivery & Pick-Up.  

If you're not in our delivery zone and cannot pick-up, contact us here and we'll see what we can do.